Seeking WIC Sites

CO-OP Chicago Partnership

  • UIC will provide paid trained Community Health Workers (CHWs) to offer oral health education services to some study enrolled clients and general clients at WIC centers. Some CHW services are offered in the WIC centers, others in individual family homes. The centers and individuals that receive CHW services are determined by randomization.
  • WIC sites participating will be recognized as participants/collaborators in a prestigious national health disparities program.
  • UIC multi-disciplinary team will welcome and explore ideas and suggestions on how to best support oral health promotion WIC sites.

What will be expected of your WIC center?

  • Allow UIC investigative team to randomize your center as an intervention or usual care site.
  • Allow UIC research staff to recruit participants from your center.
    • Goal is to recruit 50 children (aged 6 – 36 months) per center.
    • Allow UIC to observe center roster for potential participants.
  • If your center is randomized to have center CHWs, allow CHWs to meet with families at your center.
  • Allow UIC research staff to interact with center staff and providers and obtain opinions of the project, CHWs work in general, and oral health (accessibility, education, etc.).

Overall Aims

  • Provide oral health education/promotion to families.
  • Prevent young children from developing caries.
  • Determine the setting (clinic, WIC, home visit, or combination) in which oral health intervention works best for improving oral health outcomes.

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